Photoshop Week: 39 on-demand classes by masters


Master Photoshop and Lightroom, enhance your workflow and create your best images, ever with this set of 39 on-demand classes by Photoshop experts.

Whether you’re the hobbyist who wants to improve your family photos, or the professional who can benefit by upgrading your workflow and impressing your clients, you’ll walk away with skills that become habits like:

  • Troubleshooting for everyday Photoshop problems that get lost in your layers. Develop a mental workflow to help you diagnose and solve your issues quickly.
  • Color correction and color calibration for print and web in Photoshop
  • How to create beautiful word art with Photoshop’s new Glyph panel for adding type to your portfolio
  • Tricks to create amazing composites using good composition, creative textures, blending modes and layer masks
  • Tethering and Mobile processes to enhance your personal workflow as well as your client’s experience from shoot through post processing.


You’ll be able to pick classes from 4 different tracks including:

  • 10 Beginner classes to learn the basics of compositing, selections and masking, landscape editing in Photoshop, workflows in Lightroom, RAW processing and more
  • 10 Advanced classes to expand your knowledge on the basics that include advanced clone and content aware techniques, unconventional Lightroom adjustments, expert photo retouching techniques and advanced techniques in Adobe’s RAW Camera Mode.
  • 5 From Shoot thru Photo Editing classes take you behind the scenes to show you how to light and capture your image to maximize its potential and set yourself up for easy and enhanced post processing workflows. These classes will allow you to walk away knowing not just how to capture your image, but how to process it into a portfolio ready piece.
  • 14 Trends classes that will cover the latest Photoshop and Lightroom updates and techniques, including Adobe mobile apps, creating panoramas, creating new Photoshop filter looks, designing trends and elements in Photoshop and ways to interface with your clients using Lightroom.

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