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  • Create an artistic paint lettering in Photoshop

    In this Photohshop tutorial you are going to learn how to create an acrylic paint effect on a lettering within Adobe Photoshop! This is by no means the ONLY way to do this, I can imagine there are some other techniques to create a more liquid-like paint, but this is the method I personally use. More

  • Beautiful watercolor portrait effect in Photoshop

    In this Photoshop tutorial you will learn how to easily apply a watercolor effect to a portrait. This one’s is a different, and more beautiful, take on the not so nice watercolor filter provided in Photoshop. Download work files here… More

  • Create a disintegrating human photo manipulation in Photoshop

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to make disintegrating human effect in Photoshop. We will turn a stand female model photo into a dark, mysterious disintegrating portrait of a witch. Custom Photoshop brushes will be the main tool of this tutorial. More

  • Create a creative deep-sea feel using blending modes in Photoshop

    Jono Hislop demonstrates effective ways to meld elements from outer space into an image with a distinctly subaquatic feel.Alongside techniques for Photoshop, Jono also reveals how he has trained himself to notice useful areas in photos that may otherwise not have grabbed the attention – and how to use these to add dynamism to an […] More

  • Create a fantasy scene of a warrior battling a dragon in Photoshop

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to create warrior battling dragon photo manipulation in Photoshop. This tutorial is suitable for intermediate skill Photoshop users. We will use 7 stock images in this tutorial and use Photoshop to combine them into this scene. We will practice techniques such as layer masking, image adjustments and lots […] More

  • Beautiful digital coloring techniques for pencil art in Photoshop

    Marguerite Sauvage reveals how to use Photoshop to colour pencil-drawn artwork while still maintaining a handcrafted feel. Recently, French illustrator Marguerite Sauvage created a series of portraits called Flower Women, which she describes as “fashionable, traditional-looking, very feminine”. Here she takes us through the development of one of them, Sylvie. Flower Women was a personal […] More

  • How to make a stylish pop art portrait from a photo in Photoshop

    In this Photoshop tutorial by Marty Geller from Blue Lightning Tv, you will learn how to create a stylish, pop art portrait from a photo and how to replace it with another without having to redo the effects. Basically, the author not only will show you how to create an interesting artistic effect, but also […] More

  • Transform a face into a creative mixed media portrait

    In this Photoshop tutorial by Marty Geller from Blue Lightning TV you will learn how to create the look of a mixed media portrait from a photo and how to replace your subject without having to redo the effects. Marty will guide you through all the steps required to create a beautiful artistic portrait effect, […] More

  • Turn your photo into a pencil sketch in Photoshop

    In the world of Photoshop, some effects are timeless classics. Turning a portrait photo into a sketch is one of them. With just a few simple clicks, any portrait can be turned into a beautiful drawing, and any photographer can feel like an accomplished graphic artist. In this tutorial, Steve Patterson from Photoshop Essentials guides […] More

  • Christmas art that takes your breath away

    Christmas is here. Didn’t you know that? It’s the time of the year when shops and advertisers remind you of reindeer and Santa with plenty of tacky images. Not Alexandra Fomicheva. This talented designer and illustrator has just charmed us and captured our imaginations with her magical Christmas artwork. Looking at her work for the […] More

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