Merge two photos in just a few clicks using Photoshop’s Generative Fill

Photoshop Training Channel presents a helpful guide for blending multiple images together with ease. Generative Fill is one of Photoshop’s most powerful but underutilized tools, and in this video PTC shows users how they can take advantage of its full capabilities. Through a simple step-by-step process, viewers will learn how to use Generative Fill to automatically composite numerous photos into a single cohesive image.

Presented in PTC’s clear training style, photographers and image editors of all experience levels will gain valuable insight. Viewers will complete a sample project from start to finish, gaining confidence to then apply the technique to their own creative works. By taking advantage of Generative Fill, users can save considerable time previously spent on layer masking and still achieve high-quality composite images. It’s a tutorial that demonstrates an under-appreciated Photoshop feature and helps creators expand their editing toolbox.