How to use Parametric Filters in Adobe Photoshop 2024 Beta 25.3

Photoshop’s latest beta version introduces a new feature called parametric filters that allows users to non-destructively modify images with various stylized filters. These filters can be used to add distinct looks to images by applying presets like sepia, vintage or oil painting effects. parametric filters are applied as adjustment layers so users can readjust or remove the filters at any time. The filters are accessed through the Filter > Parametric Filters menu where different options can be selected and customized using the parametric properties panel. This panel contains slider bars and color swatches to tweak aspects of the selected filter. Users can also create their own preset filters by adjusting the parameters and saving for future use on other images.

The guide demonstrates how to access and apply different parametric filters to sample images. It shows navigating the filter options and previewing the effects at different resolutions. Advanced techniques like stacking multiple filters, masking filters to specific areas, and adjusting individual filters in a stack are also covered. While some filters may not be useful for all images, the guide explores potential creative applications like distorting backgrounds or rendering photorealistic textures.

In conclusion, parametric filters are an exciting new non-destructive editing feature in Photoshop beta. However, the guide notes performance could be improved at release. It also discusses plans for developing custom filters using Substance 3D Designer and the potential for third parties to offer new filter options in the future.