Discover Hidden Photoshop AI Tools to Transform Your Photos

In this Photoshop tutorial, Colin Smith demonstrates some hidden AI features that can transform regular photos into works of art. He shows viewers how to take advantage of Adobe’s powerful generative fill tool to turn images into watercolor and oil paintings with just a few clicks.

Colin dives into the settings for generative fill and explains how to choose different art styles like art deco, steampunk and others. Viewers learn how they can input a normal photo and have the AI analyze it to recreate the image in the chosen style. He stresses how realistic the generated art looks compared to manually creating these effects.

For those interested in expanding their creative options in Photoshop, this video is a must watch. Colin guides users through the entire process step-by-step so they can unlock this hidden AI tool. By the end, viewers will understand how to unleash the full potential of generative fill to turn photos into stunning fine art replicas. It’s a fascinating demonstration of how far Photoshop’s AI capabilities have come.