36 Essential Beginner Hotkeys for Photoshop


After some steep, but fun, learning curve you are starting to get a grasp of Photoshop. But your constant trips to the menu bar, toolbar or panels are starting to get tedious.

Then it’s time to start learning some basic hotkeys. As a computer user, you probably know all the common system hotkeys like Copy, Paste, Cut, Save, etc. But that will only take you so far. To start mastering Adobe Photoshop, you really need to learn how to use at least a bunch of essential hotkeys to speed up your workflow

Some days ago I posted about hidden little known Photoshop Hotkeys, but there are a lot more common and basic hotkeys you should master before getting into those.

In this video tutorial, Nathaniel Dodson from TutVid will show you 36 Photoshop hotkeys that are absolutely essential for you to know. These hotkeys will help you work so much faster in Photoshop and generally feel more comfortable when you need to perform everyday tasks.