StudioMagic: The 1-click Photo Compositing Tool for Photoshop​ + Epic Locations Bundle

StudioMagic: The 1-click Photo Compositing Tool for Photoshop + 150 Epic Location Sets Bundle

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StudioMagic is a set of built-in Photoshop plugins that will turn you into a compositing wizard and make your images super awesome. 

You can accomplish Photoshop’s most complicated and time-consuming tasks in just a few clicks to create mesmerizing effects on your photos. 

Create one-click reflections, light rays, snow, change seasons, and far more…

The tools are built into Photoshop panels and are 100% compatible with Photoshop CS5-CS6 and Adobe CC-CC2018+

See how StudioMagic works in under two minutes

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StudioMagic 1 & 2: Two Panels
One Simple Process

StudioMagic 1

Starting the compositing process
CutOut is for removing your subject from it’s original background, it’s also used for sky replacement. ShadowCaster is for creating a realistic shadows that match the lighting in your new composite. LightBrush is for focusing attention with light.

StudioMagic 2

Change entire seasons and daylight to sunset. Create mirror and water reflections. Choose from a library of one-click accent images like birds, clouds, moons, lightning and rainbows. Create natural and man-made lighting effects that jump off the page.

StudioMagic 1 & 2 plugins include the following toolsets:


Change entire seasons in a click, beautiful soft snow storms, violent rain squalls, low drifting fog banks, even change daylight to sunset.


In a click, add natural light rays, sun beams, bursts and edge lighting for impact and drama. Balance ambient light color and temperature across multiple layers.


Create realistic water and mirror reflections in a click that previously required expensive studios and lots of equipment.


In a click, add clouds to boring skies, light up a night sky with the moon and stars. Finally, catch that rainbow you always seem to miss in your camera. Add the impact of lightning or the calming effect of a flock of geese.


Inspired by the grunge look of contemporary sports images and movie posters, put edge on your composites like the pros do it with tools like Color Pop and Grunge Boost.


Select and remove subjects in minutes from studio backgrounds even with detailed edges and flying hair. Cut out and replace dull skies with dramatic LayerCake skies!


Add shadows to any subject, change light direction, time of day, then copy the same settings to multiple images in the same scene, you can even save custom shadows as your own presets.


Brush in light to add focus to any image. Paint in light beams and shafts of light for amazing drama! If you make a mistake, click a key, and paint back what you removed

Sample images created with StudioMagic

Technical Specs

– Mac and Windows compatible

– Works on Photoshop CS5-CS6 and Adobe CC-CC2018+ 

– NOT compatible with PS Elements or other software

– Requires 2.5 gb of free hard disk space

– 8-16 gb RAM for optimum performance

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