3,100+ Photography Posing Cards To Keep You Inspired Forever

Have you ever been in a situation similar to this one?

You show up to a shoot, go through a few poses really fast, and suddenly your mind goes blank, you have no ideas that could make these photos better.

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. But the important thing is to make sure this doesn’t happen again, don’t let your clients depend on a current lack of creativity.

Everything we do is based on experience, and so is photography. The more photos you see in your lifetime, the more references you’ll have for your next shoot. Simple, right?

One of the easiest solutions for this problem are posing cards. They are the basis for every beginner model and photographer and a great reference you can always come back to as well.

They are what you can call a cheat sheet for a successful photoshoot. Many pro photographers use them on a regular basis, whether for prepping or on set (it’s always a good idea to have them in your pocket).

So, how do you start?

Here are a few poses you can begin with and see what works in your photography field.

Your task is simply to explore what works best for you and make it your own.

Five Basic female poses

1. S shape

Shifting her weight on one leg and slightly curving her body. The model will add a sensual feel to her posture. She’ll feel confident and you’ll see it through the lens.

2. The benefits of long hair


You can use the details and personal attributes of your models as a benefit for the photoshoot.

If your model has long hair, try experimenting with head movements and shutter speed.

This may seem silly at the beginning, but at the end of the day, it will come out as playful and lovely.

3. Walk

All varieties of this pose usually turn out really good.

For instance – if you set the model to walk, slowly turned away from the camera; have her wear a summer dress, hair let down and choose a day that’s a bit windy, you’ll have yourself a successful photoshoot no doubt.

4. Crosses

One of the simplest poses is a model crossing her arms and legs while standing.

Have in mind that a slightly lifted chin and a body turned to the side will have a more relaxed feel to it.

5. Props

You can always use something like a mug or a light scarf as a prop on your shoots. If it’s something light let the model play with it while giving it a more natural and breezy feel. If it’s something that has no movement (like a coffee cup) don’t involve too much playfulness regarding the poses, but in this case, you can try different facial expressions.

These are just some of the poses you can use if you ever get stuck, or just need some guidance for a session.


You want to make sure the people in your photos look good and have a good expression? Well here is some extra work that will help them relax and feel comfortable on your set.

Make sure you know what your model is like, take the time to get to know them. The closer you get, the better the photos will be. You won’t have a difficult time looking through the posing cards and choosing the right one.

You can use these poses as a reference for something entirely else you will create with her. It’s always a good idea to brainstorm and go through the cards together, that fusion of ideas and preferences is exactly the thing that will make the session amazing.


Why should you use posing cards?

Well, this is something that will never stop being beneficial. You can always check them for ideas and inspiration, and also use them as a starting point for creating something new.

The best thing – with posing cards you always have a bunch of ideas just ready to go.

When should you use posing cards?

-If you are struggling with ideas on the spot.

-If you are a beginner portrait photographer

-If you are an experienced photographer looking to up your posing game

-If you are working with beginner models and want to make them feel comfortable

And also, whenever you feel like it!

Just explore and try out new things, they will definitely give you a boost.

And if you are thinking about all the countless sites you’ll have to visit just to find a bunch of posing cards – here, we did the research for you.

Check these out this 3,100+ posing cards bundle, and you’ll never get stuck in the middle of a session again.