The Ultimate Collection of Photo Overlays Review


Like most photographers, we are in sort of a love-hate relationship with Photoshop overlay effects. We love them for all the potential they hold to create stunning and unique images, bringing the vision of our imagination to life.

We hate them for reeling us in with that vision and then disappointing us. We spend hours of our time trying to achieve a precise effect…but it doesn’t quite meet our expectations. Is it possible to find photo overlays that truly live up to the hype? Will they make our images look as gorgeous and surreal as we envision? Or will they just be a waste of our valuable time and money?

To find the answers to these questions, we decided to try out PhotoWhoa’s new bundle of 4076 photo overlays.

The first thing we noticed was the discounted price. At $39 for more than 4000 photo overlays, this deal seemed almost too good to be true…especially considering the steep discount from the original price of $4000.

The next thing we noticed was the sheer number and variety of overlays available with this bundle! 50 different categories of every kind of Photoshop overlay effect we could possibly imagine…and some we never even thought of until now. A Carnival Storm effect, Elegancy, cool Geometry backgrounds…if we ever thought of trying it, it’s here.


Needless to say, we had a lot of fun experimenting, although we haven’t had nearly enough time to try everything yet! We had some fun adding a few strategic circles of light with High Tech Circles.

We inserted our own clever designs into our photos using Material Design effects. And we added bold and colorful effects with Multiverse Colors. But we’re nowhere near finished experimenting with the 4076 effects that this bundle has to offer.

So far, we have found these effects delightfully easy to use! We downloaded them immediately and started using them right away. We used them with all kinds of images, RAW images as well as JPEGs.

As photographers, we always plan a little extra time for mastering a new tool…but with these overlays, we didn’t need to. The process was so intuitive that even the least tech-savvy among us were transforming our photos into stunning images right off the bat.

So what’s our assessment of the 4000+ Photo Overlays Bundle?

Overall, we think this product has amazing potential to inspire any photographer. If you are trying to get your photography business off the ground, this may just be the secret weapon you need to make it happen. With access to an infinite variety of unique effects, you’ll never lack for new ideas.

Not only that, but the sheer volume of spectacular images that you’re able to create in a short amount of time will free up more time to network, to build connections, to setup the perfect photo shoot. In short, you will have the time and the inspiration to make all your dreams come true.


The extended license means that you can access these stunning and easy-to-use effects as many times as you want, for personal as well as commercial use. You can use them until you get tired of them…but with 4076 of them (and they’re truly all amazing), you never will.

Even if you’re not a professional photographer, these overlays will make your photography hobby so much more personally rewarding, you might consider making a business out of it.

If you’ve been searching for just the right Photoshop overlay effects to give your images a much-needed “wow” factor…then we think this might just be what you’ve been hoping for.

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