Printing Methods 101: What to Choose and Why


We’ve all created a design that looked amazing in Photoshop yet looked different (read, worse) once it was printed. Many designers are quick to blame the print shop when things like this happen. But the truth is, bad print jobs often have their roots in the design studio.

Most designers know how to make good art, but they face a critical problem when they fail to learn which imprint method to use. After all, if your imprint method doesn’t work with your design (or your paper stock doesn’t work with your imprint method), then of course your design won’t look the way you wanted it to.

The resource below is specifically geared to help you combat this problem. You’ll learn how to prevent many of the printing mishaps you’ve faced in the past (or avoid making new mistakes) with its advice about:

  • Four popular print methods and how they work
  • Color options available for each method
  • Paper stocks that work for each method

With this guidance from an experienced print design company, you’ll be one step closer to having great communication with your designer and achieving the stunning materials you’ve always wanted.