Are you frustrated with your camera? Would you like to learn how to take better pictures without reading a manual? From megapixels to managing the light, your photographs will dramatically improve once you master these easy-to-understand lessons.

This educational DVD is hosted by professional photographer and DIY Network personality, Erin Manning. If you’ve been intimidated by photo-technology in the past, don’t worry. Erin has a special knack for helping the photo-beginner. In no time at all, you’ll be creating beautiful images with your own creative flair and showing them off to your friends and family. They’ll be asking you how you did it!

The DVD covers the following: Get to know your camera and how to use it everything from understanding megapixels, image resolution, and memory cards to learning how to make an exposure and control your flash. Shoot in the basic zone modes portrait, landscape, macro, sports/pets/kids, night scenes and video. Understand lig

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Jim Zuckerman, a photographer known for his vivid, surreal images, reveals a lifetime’s worth of tricks and techniques for taking photos with that huge WOW factor.
His pro secrets range from the technical to the abstract, from making an impact with complementary colors to getting picture-postcard photos of scenic sites. He’ll reveal which editing tools bring out a photograph’s hidden assets, how to pan the camera to control the appearance of movement, and much more. Filled with compelling, colorful photographs, this eye-catching volume will inform and inspire both beginners and more experienced photographers.

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