Progressive Rock Logos and Albums Photoshop Brushes


This is something I always wanted to do. I’m turning 52 this year and I must admit that I still listen to progressive rock with passion.

And this is precisely what I love about Photoshop. You can turn anything you like into brushes and start writing about something that you normally wouldn’t, in your blog.

Sadly, it was only when I started this brush set that I noticed that except for a couple of bands, no one had a steady logo over time. Even YES had different logos. But there were cases like PREMIATA FORNIERA MARCONI, KING CRIMSON, MOODY BLUES, and even JETHRO TULL, that didn’t even keep the same typeface on two albums. On the other side, groups like ELO, YES, GENESIS, PINK FLOYD and some others, at some point of their history, had very renown logotypes.

I’m sure that you will not fully agree with the list. Perhaps you may think that ELO and SUPERTRAMP are not progressive rock bands, and that CAMEL or CURVED AIR should have been on the list. Well, there are many reasons for those inclusions and exclusions, and to be honest it doesn’t matter. This is simply a Photoshop brushes set and not a TOP 10 or BEST OF list. Relax and have fun.

The images in these brushes are copyrighted and should only be used for personal, non-commercial illustrations.

Progressive Rock Bands Logos Photoshop Brushes

progressive rock logos photoshop brushes

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Progressive Rock Album Covers Photoshop Brushes

progressive rock albums photoshop brushes

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