Instagram Style Photo Effects Tutorials in Photoshop

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If you ever wanted to reproduce those beautiful retro color effects from the Instagram app in Photoshop, then this article is for you. This list of video tutorials will show you how to recreate some of those color effects found in the mobile app. Click on each image to watch the video.



Early Bird



Pop Rocket

X-Pro II




StudioMagic: The 1-click Photo Compositing Tool for Photoshop

StudioMagic: The 1-click Photo Compositing Tool for Photoshop

StudioMagic 1&2 is a full-fledged, robust compositing suite built into Photoshop panels. For novice Photoshop users, StudioMagic will allow you to push the limits of your creativity beyond the level of your Photoshop skills. For advanced users and working professionals, it will save time and money by greatly accelerating your visual effects workflow.

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