Learn How To Artfully Photograph Food.

Food styling photography isn’t just about taking a delicious image; it’s a way to tell a story about tastes, seasons, and aesthetics. Learn how to artfully capture that story in-camera and share your work with potential clients and collaborators.

In Story on a Plate: Food Photography & Styling on-demand course, you will learn how to craft a food story through images that are unique, intimate, and meaningful. Noted food photographers Todd Porter and Diane Cu will show you how to utilize natural light whether you are shooting at the table or in a restaurant. You’ll learn simple techniques for food styling that will keep your food fresh and believable on set. Todd and Diane will also share strategies for creating a thriving food photography business through their successful blend of online marketing and community building.

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Repair And Retouch With Style Using Photoshop’s Clone And Content Aware Tools.

Join Photoshop instructor Aaron Nace for an in-depth lesson into cloning and image correction. Learn how to remove distractions, simplify backgrounds, and hide skin blemishes using advanced cloning techniques. When do you use the clone stamp over the healing brush tool? Learn the differences between the two and how to use both to their fullest potential. From retouching to image restoration, these cloning techniques will make a series difference in your workflow.

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Bring Out the Best in Every Image with Photoshop

Efficient And Effective Retouching Techniques To Use Again And Again. There are countless ways to edit every image, but there are some specific techniques you can use that will guarantee you are always retouching efficiently and effectively.

In Bring Out the Best in Every Image with Photoshop on-demand class, Chris Orwig will introduce a range of photographic case studies and discuss changes that will make each photograph stronger. Each project will begin with a raw file and an evaluation of what needs to be done to make the image better. You will explore which tools can be used to accomplish that vision and add polish to the project. You’ll consider new methods of retouching, improving light, enhancing color, selections, selective adjustments, and sharpening.

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Learn To Use Photo Compositing To Bring A Surreal Fantasy World To Life.

Karen Alsop is known for creating beautiful fantasy worlds through her unique compositing techniques in Photoshop. Whether you’re a wedding, portrait, landscape or commercial photographer, this class will show you how to create beautiful and distinctive images you can offer your clients to expand your business.

In this class you’ll learn how to shoot with your composite in mind: lighting, posing and angles; choose background and subject images that will work best in the composite; and Photoshop techniques to create a fantastical atmosphere.

Mastering Your Photoshop Skills Is Easier Than You Think.

Join one of our best software instructors, Ben Willmore in Adobe® Photoshop CC: The Complete Guide on-demand class, to learn how to work effectively in Photoshop.

Ben has made a profession out of teaching Photoshop and has been doing it for over twenty years. In this series, you’ll learn essential topics such as retouching, compositing, masking, layers and troubleshooting.

You’ll also learn how Photoshop’s adjustment capabilities are essential and how they go way beyond what is available in Adobe Lightroom. By the end of class, you should feel proficient in the workings of this complex program. If you’ve been paying for Adobe’s Creative Cloud Photography plan every month and only use Lightroom, then it’s time to take full advantage of your investment by learning Photoshop.

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Adobe Photoshop Compositing: Essential Techniques

Compositing allows you to bring the vivid images of your dreams to life. Join Phlearn’s Aaron Nace for an exploration of the artistic and technical skills that are essential to creating stunning composite images.

You’ll see Aaron’s core techniques in action, from start to finish – beginning with a green screen photography shoot and ending with an elaborate post-production compositing session.

Aaron will shoot a sports-themed action shot and a model in a flowing dress. Then he’ll teach you how to build a background out of multiple images with a focus on making the new background dynamic and believable. You’ll also learn lighting techniques for matching your photo shoot light to the light in the alternate backgrounds. Finally, you’ll explore the best ways to use Adobe Photoshop to assemble your images so they match your unique, creative vision.

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Capture And Share Your Travel Adventures.

It takes the perfect combination of gear, exposure, and creative thinking to produce travel images that stand out from the rest. Learn the how to bring the critical ingredients together in Travel Photography: The Complete Guide with Ben Willmore.

You’ll learn how to deal with everyday tourists in your shots; select the best lens for each situation and organize the chaos of a scene into a compelling image. Ben will cover everything you want to know about selecting, packing, and protecting gear. You’ll also develop an efficient digital workflow that fits the fast-paced lifestyle of travel shooting.

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One subscription, unlimited downloads:
300,000+ design ready assets for all your project needs.

Beautiful ready to use photos, templates and assets, handmade by a community of independent designers to ensure quality and a professional finish for your creative ventures. Hundreds of items added every week with commercial usage licenses. Unlimited downloads for a single low monthly fee.

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Welcome to the future of photo editing.

Meet Luminar Neptune, the best photo editing software and Photoshop plugin for Mac (coming to PC this fall). Fast and powerful, it now features Accent, the world’s first AI-powered photo filter. Luminar makes complex image editing ultra-easy, helping you create the most beautiful pictures in seconds.

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Turn your photos into stunning works of art

You’ve gotta see this. Every now and then someone rolls into the world of photography and Photoshop and takes the whole thing to a new level.

That’s what I’m seeing with this guy named Sebastian Michaels. You might have heard of him. Seems everyone is talking about this nowadays …

Seriously — if you’ve ever thought of going beyond conventional Photoshop techniques and wanted to learn to create works of serious art, you’re not going to want to miss this.

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