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  • Wacky Monsters Smirk and Grin in Fuzzy Alphabet Collection

    Lima-based graphic designer and illustrator Jose Arias has created a wacky cast of typographic monsters ready to cuddle you in their serifs and ascenders—Monsters Inc. meets the alphabet. Often smirking or baring a couple of teeth, Arias’s letter-based characters sometimes come adorned with coiffed hair, a gold crown, and a pair of headphones. Each has an alphabetic […] More

  • Dark, Dramatic and Colorful Portraits of Quilled Paper by Yulia Brodskaya

    For years Yulia Brodskaya has gravitated toward light backdrops for her densely quilled paper portraits. In recent months, though, the United Kingdom-based artist has started to utilize dark canvases, and has focused on thicker paper rolls and larger bends to create necessary contrast. Many of the vibrant portraits feature larger, three-dimensional swaths similar to brushstrokes, […] More

  • Beautiful Birds and Butterflies Crafted Using More Than 4000 Pieces of Paper

    Employing tweezers to place each bit of paper, London-based artist Lisa Lloyd meticulously assembles birds and butterflies. Her realistic sculptures feature geometric pieces that are arranged in a pattern by color and then glued in place. Lloyd’s birds are constructed internally with a card, paper, and tissue paper skeleton before they are outfitted with more than […] More

  • New Book Reveals Eerie Photographs from the Ruins of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

    After embarking on both permitted and illegal ventures into the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, British writer and photographer Darmon Richter was able to document the ghostly ruins and abandoned structures throughout the hazardous region. He captures eerie Cold War-era relics in a series of mysterious photographs, including a paint-curling mural venerating Soviet heroes and the room […] More

  • Beautiful interior photos of the most expensive Rolls-Royce ever made

    This luxury car was commissioned by business baron Clarence Gasque for his wife Maude, a devotee of 18th-century French design, and it remains one of the most inspired examples of bespoke coach building to this day.  Referred to as the “Phantom of Love,” the car was customized by Charles Clark and Sons. The firm was […] More

  • Beautiful watercolor foliage superimposed onto colorful expressive portraits

    Spanish artist Ángela Maria Sierra, explores the human psyche through subtly layered foliage. Each portrait begins with a focus on texture and pattern as the artist paints clusters of twigs and leaves with watercolor. She then scans those botanical elements and superimpose the figure onto the original piece. Based in Amsterdam, Sierra is the founder […] More

  • Complex imaginary universes in colorful psychedelic digital illustrations

    Luis Toledo is a Madrid-based artist, who works under the moniker Laprisamata, digitally illustrates extravagant and otherworldly scenes and composite characters formed from vibrant blocks of color, patterns, and mundane objects, like pineapples and leaves. You can follow, along with more of his kaleidoscopic works, on Instagram and Behance. More

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    Awesome Designer Toys Gallery

    According to Wikipedia, the term Designer Toys is used to describe a toy or other collectible work of art made in limited quantities, usually by designers or graphic artists. The most common materials used to manufacture these toys are vinyl and plastic. Plush dolls are also a frequent designer toy expression medium. Metal, wood and […] More

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    Lovable Cartoon Characters Turned Into Terrifying Monsters

    Swedish tattoo artist Dennis Carlsson is responsible for these terrifying reinterpretations of beloved cartoon characters. Painted in Photoshop, he turns lovable characters like Pikachu, Winnie the Pooh, and Totoro into grotesque abominations. These illustrations are truly the stuff of nightmares. Via DesignYouTrust | Images by Dennis Carlsson More

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    20 Beautiful Highly Detailed Papercraft Models

    Most of us, at least once in our lives, have built a paper model with delight and passion. Some of those models were printed in the back of box of cereals or as a magazine insert.  Colorful papercraft models are now widely available on the web, free to download and ready to be printed and […] More

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