Evolution of the United States Army Uniform - HD

Click here... 23 distinct styles of dress which represents and honors the American Patriots and Pioneers who helped found the United States and the U.S. Army Soldiers who served while wearing these uniforms, weapons, and accouterments — during some of the most well-known and significant conflicts since the first militia musters of the 17th century. Shot in 4K and featuring Mark Aaron as "the soldier." As accurately as we possibly could... telling the story of the United States Army Soldier... one uniform at a time. 1620s - Jamestown / Plymouth Militia 1775 - Lexington Green Minuteman 1778 - Continental Soldier in French "Lottery Coat" 1781 - Light Infantryman in Hunting shirt 1792 - Legion of the United States 1812-1815 - War of 1812 1846 - Mexican War 1860 - West Point Cadet 1862 - Volunteer Officer 1864 - Western Theater Infantryman 1876 - Plains Indian Wars 7th Cavalryman 1898 - Spanish-American War Infantry 1918 - WW1 Doughboy 1942 - WW2 Pacific Theater Soldier 1944 - 101st Airborne in Normandy 1945 - 29th Infantry Division Captain 1952 - Korean War Infantryman 1965 - Early Vietnam Officer 1969 - Vietnam "Grunt" 1980s - Grenada / Panama 1991 - Gulf War 2004 - Iraq War Modern U.S. Army in Garrison Directed/Produced: Kevin R. Hershberger Cinematography: Hugh Burruss Costumers: Nathan Hoffman & Brennan Wheatley Grip / Electric: Brian Lyles Costumes & Props: Historical Wardrobe - Richmond, VA Some other videos you might like on our Channel: "Civil War Uniforms of Blue & Grey - The Evolution" Volume 2: Click here... "Civil War Uniforms of Blue & Grey - The Evolution" Volume 1: Click here... Cpl. Freddie Stowers - 1918 Medal Of Honor Moment: Click here... U.S. Army Battles & History - World War Two - Heroism & Honor: Click here... Lt. Robert T. Waugh - 1944 Medal Of Honor Moment: Click here... Medal of Honor Moment - Sergeant York: Click here...

By LionHeart FilmWorks

Photoshop Disintegrate and Fusion FX Actions

Photoshop Disintegrate and Fusion FX Actions

The disintegrate and Fusion actions are amazing special FX Photoshop actions. Simply brush on your photo where you want the effect to apply and run the action, it’s that easy.

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