Eroded Metal Text Effect | Photoshop Tutorial

Watch and learn from this in-depth tutorial on how to create an eroded metallic text effect with a glass-like background, and throw in some paint splatters while you're at it! This tutorial is based on the tutorial posted on tutsplus by Eren Goksel. View that text-based tutorial here: Click here... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "OMGSBBQWTF IS WITH YOUR BACKGROUND?!" For enlightenment, please visit the following tutorial: Click here... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TROUBLESHOOTING / Q&A Q: Is there a way to rasterize layer style in CS5 (or earlier versions) A: Yes! Sorry, I didn't know that option was a new addition to CS6. So here's the workaround; make a new layer below the one you want to rasterize. Select both of those layers, and press Ctrl+E / Cmd+E to merge them together. Tada!! (The "new layer" doesn't have to be directly below the layer you want to flatten, it's just nice because when you merge the layers it keeps the name of your original layer) Q: Why can't I use certain filters?? A: Odds are that you didn't create the document in 8-bit (certain filters aren't available in 16-bit and 32-bit). To change the bit depth of a document, go to Image - Mode - 8 Bits/Channel ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Download the paint splatter brush set (CS4-compatible and up): Download our custom vignette action pack: Keep up with our posts on Facebook! Click here... Have some creations of your own? Share them with us! Click here...

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