The Influence (Part #1 With Bilal Dawson) - Instagram Comedy & Film-Making

Part 1 With Instagram Comedian, content creator and future filmmaker Bilal Dawson, one of Toronto's rising personalities. (@BilalDawson) Follow for more content! What do you consider influence? Is it what we learn from our parents when we grow up? Is it political? Is it the amount of followers you have? Whether you like it or not, you're influenced by everything in your environment and what you make of it. In this series, I ask people from all walks of life what influence means to them.

By JustEs TV

290 Beautiful Alcohol Ink Backgrounds Collection

290 Beautiful Alcohol Ink Backgrounds Collection

A beautiful bundle of abstract ink textures, with both a natural, liquid and a digital look.The delicate and colorful look of these textures make them ideal to be used as overlays on portraits, or as a surreal atmosphere for a location photo.

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