Message from the spirit of Nipsey Hussle

The spirit of Nipsey Hussle visited me in a dream and left a message. He said, BE EVEN LOUDER! He sent this message to US all. I did not know him but he chose me to send the message. I did not make this up, please NO NEGATIVITY! For further confirmation when I uploaded this video it was 3:43 minutes long and 343mb in size. Nipsey also died on 3-4-3 (3 for March, 4 because 31 is 3+1=4, and 2+0+1+9=3). The gematria for 34 leads me to the word Chaya, which means to live. 343 also relates to the number 37 (3 and 4+3=7), it relates to the heart of wisdom, the Star of David and represents the integration of the dualities of yourself (divine masculine and divine feminine). I could go on but I'll stop there. Rest peacefully Nipsey God. @AshleyGuillard

By Ashley Guillard

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