Message from the spirit of Nipsey Hussle

The spirit of Nipsey Hussle visited me in a dream and left a message. He said, BE EVEN LOUDER! He sent this message to US all. I did not know him but he chose me to send the message. I did not make this up, please NO NEGATIVITY! For further confirmation when I uploaded this video it was 3:43 minutes long and 343mb in size. Nipsey also died on 3-4-3 (3 for March, 4 because 31 is 3+1=4, and 2+0+1+9=3). The gematria for 34 leads me to the word Chaya, which means to live. 343 also relates to the number 37 (3 and 4+3=7), it relates to the heart of wisdom, the Star of David and represents the integration of the dualities of yourself (divine masculine and divine feminine). I could go on but I'll stop there. Rest peacefully Nipsey God. @AshleyGuillard

By Ashley Guillard

StudioMagic: The 1-click Photo Compositing Tool for Photoshop

StudioMagic: The 1-click Photo Compositing Tool for Photoshop

StudioMagic 1&2 is a full-fledged, robust compositing suite built into Photoshop panels. For novice Photoshop users, StudioMagic will allow you to push the limits of your creativity beyond the level of your Photoshop skills. For advanced users and working professionals, it will save time and money by greatly accelerating your visual effects workflow.

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