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Learn how to subtract objects from the background using the Pen Tool, how to turn a selection into a path. I'll also show you an awesome tip for how to save paths on JPG files so that you don't have to spend time extracti the image everytime you open in Photshop. ____________________________________ Subscribe and get the latest tutorials Website: Click here... RSS: Click here... Facebook: Click here... Newsletter: Click here... DeviantART: Click here... Flickr: Click here... Twitter: Click here.../psdbox Premium Subscription: Click here...

By Andrei Oprinca

Download 1300+ Magnificent Premium Photo Overlays – 93% Off

Download 1300+ Magnificent Premium Photo Overlays - 93% Off

You are not in this business to create mediocre photography. You are here to dazzle and to inspire!

Why settle for a blasé, ordinary photo of leaves falling in the woods when you could add an overlay of feathers? Why make just another photo of a castle when you could overlay it with black roses to give it an extra Gothic touch?

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