Two designers takes paper crafting to a whole new level

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Often times, it’s the humblest of materials that do the greatest wonders. Don’t believe that? Just check out Zim and Zou’s meticulous, intricate, and grand works of paper art. This pair has lent their creativity and craftiness to the likes of Hermes and even the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, adding a child-like wonder and artistry to the world of advertising and social causes.

In a world of digital art and mass production, painstaking handiwork is all the more precious, and the use of paper may soon evoke a sense of nostalgia. Click here to see the world according to this talented team.

Of course, this is all hand-crafted art, made with real papers. But if your handcrafting skills are limited you may want to check this premium Photoshop action that will let you create beautiful paper and cardboard pop-up 3d Books: Pop-up Book Maker.

This action will let you turn your vector art into beautiful realistic paper and cardboard pop-up books for just $6.

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Create Expressive Works of Art with Abstract Paint FX Photoshop Plugin

Create Expressive Works of Art with Abstract Paint FX Photoshop Plugin

A Fantastic Plugin that creates a realistic Painted Look on any Image. Just install the assets, open a Photo and run the ActionScript to get this painted artwork effect: this is very handy when you want to create a digital painting but have no tools or experience.

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