Three Photoshop gurus that can turn a zombie into a pro artist.


Learning Photoshop is a lifelong affair that involves its fair share of trials, tribulations, and… tutorials. Have you been looking high and low and wondering where the best tutorials are?

They are definitely out there, and are a lot more accessible than you think. In my 15 years of experience running Photoshop Roadmap, I have scoured the web looking for the best tutorials to offer to my visitors, so trust me when I say that I know what makes a great tutorial that you’d want to bookmark for life.

Sure, there are Photoshop rockstars like Julieanne Kost, Russell Brown or Colin Smith, who are convention speakers, authors, and Photoshop Evangelists for Adobe. But, why miss the forest for a few trees? There are other incredibly talented instructors who run their own websites and Youtube channels, and have been imparting Photoshop skills for years.

So, allow me to introduce to you three of my favourite Youtube Photoshop gurus that you need to follow to go from zero to hero.

Even if you are a flesh eating, unskilled and untalented brainless zombie!

Howard Pinksy

First on the list is Howard Pinsky. This is the man to go to if you’re on the lookout for tips, special effects, or techniques. Pinsky creates tutorial videos that are brief, precise, and high-energy. Some videos are as short as a minute, but are by no means lacking in explanation.

If you like fast and clear tutorials that come without the unnecessary chatter which plagues some of the other Youtube instructors, then this is perfect for you.

Here are some of his most popular and useful videos:

Aaron Nace

Another must-follow instructor is Aaron Nace from Phlearn. Nace doesn’t hide behind the camera, so think of him as a Photoshop talk show host with tutorials that are very well paced and easy to follow. And he’s funny too.

His tutorials are focused on fashion, design, and styling, though he occasionally uploads technique-specific videos. And, if you already have ninja skills, you may even want to check out his website for advanced tutorials.

These are some of his best videos for starters:

Marty Geller

For clear, direct, and straightforward tutorials, Marty Geller’s Blue Lightning TV is probably what you’re looking for. Geller’s pace and clarity make it almost impossible for you to miss a step, and his radio-perfect voice just makes it that much more pleasant. Don’t miss his tutorials, especially if you’re a beginner as his explanations are step-by-step and very descriptive.

Videos are uploaded every week and he focuses on basic designs and artwork that you can easily learn and apply.

Want to know where to start? These are some of his best tutorials: