The Ultimate Photoshop Add-ons Bundle – 72 Artistic Photoshop Actions For Stunning Images


The process of creating good images is a difficult task. It requires an eye for detail and understanding of the audience you are creating for. And if you think only a pro designer can come up with these, you are wrong!

With a tab bit of help from the tools, you can produce good looking images that even ace designers will love. This Photoshop effects bundle is just what you need to make your creative journey more compelling.

Consisting of 72 impressive Photoshop effects, this add-ons bundle is an excellent resource for art enthusiasts and graphic artists. The Ultimate Photoshop add-ons bundle had 60 Pencil and Mood Photoshop Effects and 12 Color Caricature & Rough Drawings Photoshop Effects. Pixelo offers the freedom to use this effects bundle for an unlimited personal and commercial project with its license.

What’s included in The Ultimate Photoshop Add-ons Bundle?

  • 60 Pencil and Mood Effects for Photoshop;
  • 12 Artistic Color Caricature & Rough Drawings Photoshop Scripts;
  • Sketches and Moods Styles;
  • Pencil and Illustrate Styles;
  • Unlimited support:
  • Commercial license ;
  • Lifetime download access.

Features & Tech Specs for 12 Caricature Photoshop Scripts

  • Applicable to Photoshop (versions: CS5 through Creative Cloud 2018) and Adobe Elements (versions: Versions 13 and 14)
  • Operating systems: Mac OS X and Windows
  • Compatible with Mac OS and Windows
  • Can be used with different image types

Turn your basic images into artistic designs with The Ultimate Photoshop Add-ons Bundle!

60 Pencil and Mood Effects

1. Sketches and Moods Style

  • Pencil Sketch
  • Pencil Drawing
  • Pencil – Hard Shading
  • Sharp Pencil
  • Pencil Shading
  • Toned Sketch
  • Soft Pencil
  • Storybook
  • Stylized 1
  • Cinemagraphic
  • Stylized 2
  • Dream
  • Original Concept
  • Comicbook 1
  • Outline – Color Tease
  • Outline
  • Book Cover
  • Color Stylized 3
  • Color Concept
  • Chalkboard
  • Smooth
  • Water Paint
  • Toned BW
  • Comicbook 2
  • Artmaker
  • Stylized 4

2. Pencil and Illustrate Styles

  • Medium Pencil
  • Light Pencil
  • Shaded Pencil
  • BW Graphic
  • BW LineArt
  • Saturday Morning
  • Flat Color
  • Color Posterize
  • Soft Color Posterize
  • BW Inversion
  • Color Graphic
  • Color Sketch
  • Toon
  • Smooth
  • Faux Neiman
  • Crossover
  • Cosplay
  • Color Mark Up
  • Color Boundary
  • Active Acrylic
  • Color Pencil
  • Circus Poster
  • Europa
  • Blue Line
  • Graphic Novel

12 Artistic Color Caricature & Rough Drawings Photoshop Scripts

This pack contains all the Photoshop effects you need to transform your photos into drawings and paintings designs.

There are two Photoshop scripts:

  • Rough Color Drawing
  • Color CaricatureRough

Each includes 4 effects:

  • Textured – The textured effect with a slightly desaturated style
  • Dark – The dark drawing gives darker shade of color
  • Light – The light rough drawing effect
  • Styled – Gives stylized look

Color Caricature script includes 8 effects:

  • Crayon – The playfully colorful look of a crayon drawing
  • Heavy Crayon – With firm, vibrant lines and hues.
  • Color Caricature – A fun, colorful drawing.
  • Soft Color Caricature – Soft and gentle shades added to a pencil drawing.
  • Smooth Color Caricature – Gently blended colors liven up a drawing.
  • Smudge Color Caricature – Colors delicately smudged like an old-fashioned oil painting.
  • Black and White – A simple but dramatic pencil sketch.
  • Draw Caricature – A drawing that playfully captures your subject as a caricature

Normally, these Ultimate Photoshop effects sell for $195 but for a limited time, you can get all 72 effects for $29 at Pixelo store. That’s a savings of 85% off the regular price.