Quick and easy techniques for achieving a classic infrared image using Photoshop.


Final Image

Infrared light is the part of the spectrum that ranges between 700nm to 900nm. We are not able to see this light so infrared photography can be quite challenging to say the least. In the good old days of film photography, one could purchase Kodak´s wonderful High speed HIE film to take true infrared images. The film had no normal ISO rating so exposure had to be bracketed and you had to use a special infrared filter for a proper effect. You also had to load and unload film in complete darkness to avoid fogging the film as it was extremely sensitive to infrared light.

Nowadays, in the digital era of photography, you can have an old digital SLR converted to take infrared images but you would need long exposures making it difficult for handheld shots. This conversion can be expensive and you would not be able to take normal pictures as before once the camera is converted. An infrared filter is also a must. I´m going to show you two easy ways of achieving an infrared image without all the complicated gear.

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