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Housed in a charming deluxe metal box, this delightful construction kit contains eight different models you can build yourself–each with at least one moving part! Included are perforated construction sheets for each paper toy with additional materials designed to individualize and enhance each figure, including wooden sticks, rubber bands, plastic beads, string and wire. Each model can be built with ease using the detailed, step-by-step instruction manual and colored pre-punched motifs. From an amusing bunny to a pop-up monster to a plane with propeller, the models have been lovingly created and include ingenious mechanisms: push the car, and the driver and his luggage sway amusingly from side to side; turn the stick, and the clown’s facial expression changes. A unique source of fun for children ages 8 to 88!

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Download 1300+ Magnificent Premium Photo Overlays – 93% Off

Download 1300+ Magnificent Premium Photo Overlays - 93% Off

You are not in this business to create mediocre photography. You are here to dazzle and to inspire!

Why settle for a blasé, ordinary photo of leaves falling in the woods when you could add an overlay of feathers? Why make just another photo of a castle when you could overlay it with black roses to give it an extra Gothic touch?

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