Mini Poop Emoji Sculpture

Emoji has become a modern form of communication.  It is a brand new language that allows emotion and context to be added to text based conversations.   Matthew LaPenta saw the importance of the emoji and wanted to immortalize it to give historians a context for where human communication was around the turn of the 21st century.

Matthew has been making Emoji based fine art sculptures since 2013.  His work was featured at the prestigious SCOPE Art Show during Art Basel Week in Miami, FL in 2015.  While at the event he began to realize that hundreds of people enjoyed his work but couldn’t afford the 12 inch bronze versions from a gallery.  So Matthew developed a way to bring his emoji sculptures to more people by developing a 2.8 inch versions of his sculptures.  Matthew hopes to bring more art into more homes by making the smaller editions.

For the first sculpture he has decided to bring the poop emoji to life.  Matthew thought it best articulated life in our modern age.  “Life can sometimes be crappy, but all we can do is smile and bring joy to one another.  I hope this project brings a sense of laughter and irony into peoples lives”


The sculpture will be available in several unique finishes to start, polished nickel, polished copper, and polished brass, brushed nickel, brushed copper, and brushed brass. Each finish will be limited to 100 pieces max, with 10 artists proofs.


The mini 3 inch Poop Emoji sculpture was initiated in December 2015, after a successful showing at Scope Art Fair Miami Beach.  Many rounds of sculpting and casting took place to arrive and the final design.  Matthew has been able to fund the initial casting for the project but needs your funding to bring everything to life.


Via kickstarter | Images by Matthew LaPenta

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