Learn the Awesome Face Aware Liquify Tool in Photoshop


Face recognition has been around for a while in digital cameras or photo albums. And lately, it became a both disturbing and fascinating new phenomenon when Snapchat added the face swap feature to its app.

And what about Photoshop? Retouching facial features has always been difficult and the results were far from realistic, if not cheesy or grotesque.

In this last Photoshop CC 2015.5 update Adobe has included a new Face recognition option to the Liquify tool. What makes this tool fantastic is that it not only recognizes a face, but also all of its features such as eyes, mouth, face contour and nose. Having all of them individualized you can perform subtle changes to them for professional retouching, or simply create a cartoon just for fun.

In this video, talented instructor and designer Daniel White will show you how to properly use the new Face Aware feature for professional retouching in Photoshop.