Learn how to easily change eye color in Photoshop

Author: Andrei Oprinca


In this tutorial by Andrei Oprinca from RetutPro, you will learn how you can change someone’s eye color. It isn’t so hard these days with the new tools Adobe is constantly adding to Photoshop. Simply apply a selective color adjustment layer and add a mask and fix or change the eye color. Watch the tutorial below and see how easy it is.

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Fake images are all around us. Almost every fashion model or artist photo is digitally beautified prior to its public release. Sometimes this goes too far and the photos are so fixed that leaves almost no traces of the original natural beauty of the subject being retouched. In the following guide, you will find some of the best digital makeover tutorials around the web. Needless to say that it’s not the intention of this guide to express a definition of beauty in any sense. It is just a thorough listing of photo retouching techniques for Photoshop.

digital makeover

A complete guide to digital makeover in Photoshop