Introducing Photoshop CC 2014: Features and Tutorials Roundup


A new version of Adobe Photoshop is out! Adobe Photoshop CC 2014. With important new features for designers and photographers such as improved Layer Comps to enable you to sync changes across multiple comps, new Blur Gallery motion effects like Spin Blur and Path Blur, Focus Mask which automatically selects the area of an image that is in-focus, improved type and font capabilities, and even more 3D printing enhancements. This release is packed with new capabilities that enable you to push your creativity farther, faster.


Take a look at this roundup of Adobe CC 2014 videos:

Top 4 new features by Howard Pinsky

New features and enhancements by Julianne Kost

Photoshop CC Sneak Peek: Focus Masks

Photoshop CC 2014, best new features for photographers: First look and Tutorial by Colin Smith

Photoshop CC 2014 for Designers