Impressive Comic Book Inking and Coloring Tutorial

Category: Illustration Effects

Alex Singleton explains the how he created from scratch a warrior character and the whole process from the first sketches to an impressive digital comic book drawing. The mixes traditional comic book inking and coloring techniques with digital texturing and coloring to end up with an somewhat dark and complex illustration. digital comicbook inking and coloring in Photoshop

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Luminar 2018: Make stunning photos that leave everyone speechless

Luminar 2018: Make stunning photos that leave everyone speechless

The most innovative photo editor is now available for Mac and PC. Right off the bat get amazing images with an improved Raw engine. Remove flaws with Lens Correction and Transform tool. Stylize and enhance with intelligent filters,lookup tables, and presets. Organize photos with the new digital asset management module. And impress everyone with your stunning photography.

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