How to make colors pop in Photoshop


In this tutorial by kelvin Pimont from Kelvin Designs, you will learn how to transform dull photographs that lack impact into more dramatic and colorful images.

Kelvin will show you how to select areas and make local adjustments to colors and contrast to make the colors pop and make a more impactful photo.

If you want to master Photoshop’s color adjustment tools and techniques, you should consider taking a look at this Photoshop color correction on-demand class, Adobe Photoshop Mastery: Color and Tone by Ben Willmore.

Photoshop thinks about color and tonality. You’ll go way beyond the basics and learn how to use the most powerful, precise and versatile adjustments. You’ll also see how all of the Adobe Photoshop adjustment options relate to one another so that you’ll be able to easily pick the best tool for the job at hand; scanning Line Art (pure black and white graphics like your signature); optimizing Grayscale Images; professional Color Correction Techniques; matching the color between multiple imaged; getting the most out of adjustment layers; color Manipulation Techniques; and sharpening Strategies. Read more here…