How to change the color of anything in Photoshop


Photo retouching is usually seen as the art of removing unwanted objects, skin blemishes and other imperfections in your images.

But as soon as your scene or portrait has been cleaned up, colors start to matter. And not specifically the overall color balance or applied effects. Maybe the color of a shirt or the color of an object. And that can’t be simply changed with the usual retouching tools.

In this tutorial by kelvin Pimont from Kelvin Designs, you will learn how to select and change the color of anything in Photoshop.

Although Kelvin’s approach to enhancing and changing the colors of your images is quite easy, you may want to work with your images in a more professional way without learning complex tools like curves, channels and levels.

Topaz Restyle is a professional Photoshop plugin that lets you bring out a staggering number of possibilities in each new photo you take.

Use beautiful one-click effects to infuse your images with emotion, and make your regular photos extraordinary. ReStyle helps you change the whole mood of your photo by enhancing color, tone, and contrast.

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If you think about a photo that you really like, one thing probably stands out: it feels emotional. Not just in the subject matter – but also in the lighting, contrast, and the way the colors work with each other. Photos that lack emotion and visual depth often appear “flat” with no obvious reason. Topaz ReStyle helps you create emotion and depth in your images in just a couple of clicks. Read more about Topaz Restyle and download a fully functional demo here…