High-end skin retouching with just 2 layers in Photoshop

One of the simplest ways to perform high-end skin retouching in Photoshop! Whether you are creating magazine covers or working on a high-end project, achieve the best quality skin using just 2 layers! In this tutorial by PiXimperfect, we will learn a simple blend mode to do extensive dodging and burning to get the most realistic skin texture, maintaining the softness, and keeping the skin flawless.

This two-layer technique is just another way to do dodging and burning, but a little more easily and helps you keep it compact. We will start by learning how to remove blemishes, and also, we will learn which blemishes to remove and which one to not. Then, we with the help of the Soft Light blend mode, we will dodge and burn with just one layer. Download sample image here.