Grunge and dirty Photoshop tutorials, brushes and textures

Grunge, dirty, gritty, slimy, rusty, shattered, dripping, torn, worn, and whatever you think that you may frown upon in real life, is an awesome resource for creativity.An incredible amount of photo effects, text effects, brushes and textures are available for free access on the web. This list is a compilation of sixty grunge and distressed effects resources for Adobe Photoshop. Go and get your hands dirty with them!

Grunge and Dirty Effects Photoshop Tutorials

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Urban style artwork Pixel and vector artwork Grunge wallpaper
Logo on grunge background Displace effects Urban scene on grunge background
Hard surface painting Old collage effect Distressed effect
Create grunge brushes Grunge RSS icon paper stickers
Decaying metal sign Grunge layout Gritty photo effect
Stylized paint Daguerretypes photo effect Textured photo
Textured text effect Dirty text Rusty text
grunge text effect Graffiti Grunge text effect
Graffiti text Grunge text Grunge rubberstamo text
Dirty elevator menu Urban layout Graphic statue
Chaotic urban scene Grunge signature Torn paper effect
Create fractal brushes Earth ground cross section Rusty metal plate
Textured illustration effect Dirty wall texture Wet and muddy rock texture
Gritty wall light Gritty pipelines Gritty texture

Grunge and Dirty Photoshop Brushes

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Boxe brushes Tape brushes Vector grunge
Abstract brushes Old ephemera Splatter brushes
Tree brushes Grunge tags Sprypaint brushes

Grunge and Dirty Textures and Backgrounds

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10 grunge, rusty and distressed textures Vintage grunge textures Vintage grunge textures
Grunge textures Rusty textures Blue grunge texture
Blind painting textures wrinkled paper textures Fabrics textures