Generative AI: A new era of Photoshop begins


Generative AI has made its way into the world of Photoshop, and in this fascinating video, Colin Smith from Photoshop Cafe explores its transformative capabilities.

Generative AI is an incredible technology that’s transforming the world of artificial intelligence. It’s like having a creative companion that can generate all sorts of new content, from stunning images to captivating music and even imaginative stories. With its advanced algorithms and neural networks, generative AI brings a touch of magic to the creative process.

Discover how Adobe Firefly has revolutionized image retouching and replacement within Photoshop. Colin showcases the remarkable power of generative AI as he demonstrates techniques for extending images, seamlessly replacing elements, and generating stunning artwork.

Witness firsthand the cutting-edge advancements and explore the endless possibilities that generative AI brings to Photoshop in 2023.

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