Do You Speak Photoshop in Spanish?



To make it short, I have just launched a new site. Photoshop Latino is a Photoshop tutorials and resources blog in Spanish. Period. Now, the long version of this story.

The Photoshop Roadmap was born in year 1999 as a directory of Photoshop sites and tutorials. Over the time, the websites directory was removed and I focused only in tutorials and resources, such as plugins, brushes and other downloads, all related to Photoshop and design.

Two years ago, I decided to start writing my own tutorials. My goal was to teach somewhat advanced effects but with an approach to beginners. That involved writing very extensive tutorials such as Creating a Colorful Print and Play Puzzle, Creating a wet and muddy rocks texture, or even my latest tutorial Papercraft text effect.

Later, I created very successful Photoshop tutorials lists such as The best 80 Text Effects of the web, 100 awesome high resolution Photoshop Brushes or 100 Photo Effects photoshop tutorials, to mention a few.

It was inevitable then, to consider launching a site in my native language, Spanish. Some good friends of mine insisted that it was time to do it. And since I had a nice amount of tutorials already written, I said, why not?

So, I´m very pleased to anounce the launch of Photoshop Latino, my Spanish version of the Photoshop Roadmap Blog.

There are a lot of great Photoshop sites in Spanish such as Diego Mattei blog by my friend Diego Mattei from Argentina, Blog Vecindad Gráfica by Adan Avelar Islas from México or Photoshop Extremo by a group of artists from Latin America and Spain. And those are only a few. There are a lot more. So this will be a great challenge.

So, can you speak Photoshop in Spanish? If so, then come around to Photoshop Latino and I´m sure you will have a good time!