Disturbing real life versions of pop culture icons

Category: Art and design

It’s no doubt most of us have watched a lot of fictional cartoon films and fallen in love with some characters. While most cartoons adopt storylines that depict the modern pop culture, the characters involved in the films are just simple cartoons, which are somewhat boring.

In order to bring life to these 2D cartoon characters, Will Hughes- an Australian digital artist-decided to turn some of the all-time favourite cartoon icons into hyper-realistic 3D figures. The animation student at Griffin University in Brisbane has endeavoured to shed some new light on the characters by amplifying their features and emotions.

A cartoon is nothing more than just a simple drawing on paper or motion picture on TV. But Hughes has worked on each and every aspect of the characters to bring out a never-seen before 3D model of these cartoons. Whether it’s laughing, crying, showing grief or putting on a silly face, the characters seemingly appear to be in the same room with you.

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