Dad makes his 6-year-old’s drawings come to life (almost).

Category: Photo Manipulations

We wish Photoshop and all this digital stuff existed when we were kids. And we sure wish that our parents took our kiddy drawings seriously.

Just look at what this Dad does, it’s pure sorcery.

Want a hammerhead shark that flies out of the water to give a smile? Dad’s got it. Got a sketch of a fat-necked giraffe with a hilarious smiling face? This Dad brings it to life.

An entire alternate universe of bizarre and hilarious creatures await if you just pick up some digital skills and add in huge doses of humour and creativity.

290 Beautiful Alcohol Ink Backgrounds Collection

290 Beautiful Alcohol Ink Backgrounds Collection

A beautiful bundle of abstract ink textures, with both a natural, liquid and a digital look.The delicate and colorful look of these textures make them ideal to be used as overlays on portraits, or as a surreal atmosphere for a location photo.

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