Create hilarious caricatures from your friends’ photos


Creating a photographic caricature of a person, regularly a friend or a relative, is simpler than it looks at first sight. In this tutorial, talented Photoshop artist Chris Spooner, from Spoon Graphics, will take you through the process of creating a realistic cartoon character effect from a photograph. Since the base image is a photo, you won’t have to draw anything from scratch, and the final artwork will retain a strong resemblance to the subject. Only this time with some nicely exaggerated facial features.

Caricature Photoshop Premium Action

If the tutorial above was too advanced for you, there is a shortcut. You can purchase for only $6 an amazing Photoshop Caricature Premium Action that will do the work for you. You will simply have to brush over some parts of the face and the Action will do the job for you.


Download Caricature Photoshop Premium Action for just $6 here…