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    Designed by Nature: 9 Stunning B&W Macro Shots

    Macro shots in nature can be intimidating. Not only do you have to have a steady hand, but you also have to get close to wildlife. The purpose of macro photography is to enhance what the viewer is seeing. This is especially powerful in nature, because we rarely take the time to really notice the […] More

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    The beauty of the world from above with Niaz Uddin

    Aview of the world from above provides a whole new intriguing aspect, and photographer Niaz Uddin captures stunning aerial views of varying landscapes to reveal a distinct vision that cannot be experienced from the ground. From days spent flying high over busy California beaches to soaring over the grand Tetons and rivers of Yosemite, moments […] More

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    Photographer masterfully captures the beauty of tribal women in Ethiopia

    Similarity really is not the word to describe the Ethiopian women’s look. The country’s culture is so rich that each tribe has a completely different interpretation of beauty and personality. The talented photographer, Omar Reda, managed to capture the remarkable culture of Ethiopia during his visit to the country. All the beautiful Ethiopian women he […] More

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    Photographer Eli Costi shows that Abandoned Luxury is also a thing

    Italian Photographer Eleonora Costi traveled all through Italy seeking for places filled with stories and lived life, left in forgotten and to the power of dust: From houses, still furnished with richly painted large rooms to ex-psychiatric hospitals, from churches to border schools and monasteries. A photographic project that she hope spreads, through the pictures, […] More

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    Surreal Infrared Landscape Photography by David Keochkerian

    David Keochkerian holds a PhD in human physiology, and when he’s not rehabilitating the human body, he’s creating dream worlds with natural landscapes and a large dose of creativity. The surreal images that you see are thanks to infrared photography. Wait, what’s that? Infrared light is all around us. It’s not visible to the naked […] More

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    Photographer takes funny high-speed photos of dogs shaking

    Love how your pooch or kitty vigorously shakes off water as if their lives depended on it? Carli Davidson seems to love it too, so much so that she has gone on to capture shots of them in the midst of a good shake-down. You wouldn’t want these shots of yourself because they’re plain unglamorous […] More

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    Extraordinary Photo Manipulations by Erik Johansson

    Erik Johansson is a full time photographer and retoucher from Sweden based in Berlin, Germany. he works on both personal and commissioned projects. Some of his most awesome works are street illusions. Erik doesn’t capture moments, he capture ideas in the form of little pieces which he later turn into an imaginative photomanipulation. He gets […] More

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    Artist turns Star Wars characters into ancient greek statues

    Artist Travis Durden excels at combining classic Greek sculptures with modern-day pop culture. To succeed at this endeavor, the artist first visited Paris’s Louvre Museum and took pictures of the featured statues. Using digital technology, he then collaborated with a 3D modeler to redesign the statues’ heads so they look like iconic Star Wars characters. […] More

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    Surreal Dreamy Photo Manipulations by Ionut Caras

    Why wouldn’t we have a tiger perched on a deck overlooking the city? And why can’t a man have wings? If you are disappointed by the boring state of affairs in reality, then channel your fantasy world into hyper-realistic photographs that shock and delight yourself and everyone else. That’s what Ionut Caras has done, and […] More

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    Before Photoshop: Creepy headless portraits from the 19th century

    If ‘going viral’ was a thing in the 19th century, these photographs would have been shared a million times. Who doesn’t like a good image that brings together elements of magic, illusion, trickery, and a good dose of shock-factor? Going headless seems to have been the fantasy of the time in the Victorian era, if […] More

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    Surreal And Beautiful Photography of Tokyo’s Levitating Girl

    The dream of flying is timeless and universal. Sure, we’ve got the plane, but that’s not quite the same as taking off ground anytime you want. You don’t necessarily want to fly across oceans and sometimes all you want is to vacuum the floor without actually being on it. Natsumi Hayashi finds a way to […] More

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    Dad makes his 6-year-old’s drawings come to life (almost).

    We wish Photoshop and all this digital stuff existed when we were kids. And we sure wish that our parents took our kiddy drawings seriously. Just look at what this Dad does, it’s pure sorcery. Want a hammerhead shark that flies out of the water to give a smile? Dad’s got it. Got a sketch […] More

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