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  • Beautiful Birds and Butterflies Crafted Using More Than 4000 Pieces of Paper

    Employing tweezers to place each bit of paper, London-based artist Lisa Lloyd meticulously assembles birds and butterflies. Her realistic sculptures feature geometric pieces that are arranged in a pattern by color and then glued in place. Lloyd’s birds are constructed internally with a card, paper, and tissue paper skeleton before they are outfitted with more than […] More

  • Beautiful watercolor foliage superimposed onto colorful expressive portraits

    Spanish artist Ángela Maria Sierra, explores the human psyche through subtly layered foliage. Each portrait begins with a focus on texture and pattern as the artist paints clusters of twigs and leaves with watercolor. She then scans those botanical elements and superimpose the figure onto the original piece. Based in Amsterdam, Sierra is the founder […] More

  • Complex imaginary universes in colorful psychedelic digital illustrations

    Luis Toledo is a Madrid-based artist, who works under the moniker Laprisamata, digitally illustrates extravagant and otherworldly scenes and composite characters formed from vibrant blocks of color, patterns, and mundane objects, like pineapples and leaves. You can follow, along with more of his kaleidoscopic works, on Instagram and Behance. More

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    Lovable Cartoon Characters Turned Into Terrifying Monsters

    Swedish tattoo artist Dennis Carlsson is responsible for these terrifying reinterpretations of beloved cartoon characters. Painted in Photoshop, he turns lovable characters like Pikachu, Winnie the Pooh, and Totoro into grotesque abominations. These illustrations are truly the stuff of nightmares. Via DesignYouTrust | Images by Dennis Carlsson More

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    16 Awesome Star Wars Papercraft Models

    Some time ago I gathered a list of 100 Exceptional Free Paper Models and Toys that was quite well received by the readers of this blog. The amount and quality of paper craft models available for download is amazing. Chances are that anything that’s popular and geeky, has already been converted into a paper craft […] More

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    Extraordinary post-apocalyptic and dystopian cyberpunk digital art by Leopoldo D'Angelo

    Leopoldo D’Angelo, known as Dangiuz, creates post-apocalyptic and dystopian scenarios, inspired by Cyberpunk and Synthwave culture. In these images you will see some of the key elements of D’Angelo renderings: dystopian scenarios, cyberpunk, futuristic elements, androids and so on. They are the result of about 2/3 days of work; inspiration mainly comes from works such […] More

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    Artist Creates Playful Ceramic Sculptures That Look Like Inflatable Toys

    Artist Brett Kern creates these very detailed ceramic sculptures that at first glance look very similar to inflatable toys. Almost indistinguishable. Kern does a really good job imitating all the forms, wrinkles, and color textures of air-filled toys. Visit Brett’s instagram page for more of his work. More

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    The Striking Art of Tony Ariawan

    Tony Ariawan is a Jakarta based digital and graphic artist. He is a 100% autodidact artist that never attended an art school. He finds his inspiration in the beauty of the female body, the shape, light and colour and how it blends together to create such awesome images. Tony Ariawan loves to experiment with design, […] More

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    Lovely Illustrations and Characters by Jelle Gijsberts

    Jelle Gijsberts is a Rotterdam based Dutch Illustrator, born in 1983. He loves to create images that tell a story and put a smile on people’s faces. Since his graduation in 2007, he has been freelancing in the field of illustration and animation, and he firmly believe that he has the most amazing job in […] More

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