8 Reasons Why You Should Use Filter Forge Photoshop Plugin

Are you still using Photoshop with only the default filters and textures? Don’t feel bad. It’s a common mistake most Photoshop users, even the experts, often make.

Photoshop is an incredible piece of software that comes with tons of features for editing and creating art. But, if you haven’t explored the uses of this software beyond its default features, you’re missing out on a lot of amazing things.



For example, Filter Forge is one of the best Photoshop plugins you can find for adding many additional features to Photoshop. This plugin helps you enhance and edit your photos with precise one-click effects that even a professional designer wouldn’t be able to achieve.

Here are a few reasons why you should definitely try out this plugin.

#1 – 30-Day Full Function Demo

Filter Forge comes with thousands of effects that you can apply to your photos with just a few mouse clicks. This will help you save hours of your time that normally goes into applying, adjusting, and editing effects.

That kind of useful features usually requires a small investment. And so does Filter Forge. This plugin is not free, but it’ll be worth every penny you spend on it.

The best part is that you can download and use a demo of Filter Forge with full features for free for 30 days. This will allow you to play around with the many effects that come with this plugin and use it to edit some of your important photos before deciding whether or not to buy the plugin.

You’ll be able to keep those photos and textures you create during the 30-day demo and they won’t have any Filter Forge watermarks or branding either.

#2 – A Massive Library Of Over 12,000 Filters

Photoshop only has a few filters in its default library. But, with Filter Forge, you’ll have access to the largest Photoshop filter libraries in the world.



Filter Forge includes a massive library of over 12,000 Photoshop filters and textures in its database created by both Filter Forge developers and other professional designers who use the plugin every day for their design work. You’ll never be able to get enough of filters with access to this filters library.

You’ll also be able to save your own filters to Filter Forge database to share them with the world. Of course, every filter submitted to database goes through a review process and they’ll have to be approved by Filter Forge.

Filter Forge filters library also gets updated daily with new effects and filters and the collection is growing bigger every day.

#3 – Create Photoshop Filters & Textures Without Coding

If you like trying out new effects and creating your own filters, Filter Forge will make the process a whole lot easier. The plugin allows you to create advanced Photoshop filters and textures like a pro without even having to type a single line of code.



Using the Filter Forge visual node-based editor, you can make your own filters, textures, effects, distortions, backgrounds, frames, and so much more. The visual interface of the editor is beginner friendly and even an amateur Photoshop user would be able to easily use the tool to create amazing effects and textures.

#4 – Filter Editor Advanced Features For Professionals

In addition to the Filter Editor’s friendly features mentioned above, Filter Forge also comes with a set of tools made just for the advanced Photoshop users.

Some (but not all!) of these tools are:

Loops and Recursions: Mostly known in computer programming, Loops in Filter Forge allows you to render components in your images multiple times and combine results to create unique output images.

Bezier Curve Editor: Creating bevel profiles and tone curves is easy with Filter Forge. The plugin comes with a bezier curve editor that makes the process much easier.

Perlin Noise Module: Filter Forge also includes a script API for noise modules, which also supports the popular Perlin noise.

Scripting Capabilities: If you’re a fan of coding, the scripting feature in Filter Forge will allow you to implement your own components using the Lua scripting language.

HDRI Lighting: The plugin comes with an incredibly advanced lighting system with advanced elements for deeper customization of the lighting of your images, including HDRI environment, surface height, ambient lighting, and more.

16 and 32 Bits Image Modes: Filter Forge offers support for both 16-bit and 32-bit image modes.

Floating Point File Formats: With support for floating point numbers, Filter Forge makes it easier to work with high-precision image formats like OpenEXR and PFM.

And many more…

#5 – Use With Or Without Photoshop

Normally, you can’t use a Photoshop plugin without Photoshop. But Filter Forge runs on its own. Filter Forge works as a standalone app, which means you can easily run and use this plugin even if you don’t have Photoshop on your computer.

The standalone app will have full functions and it will have all the same features that allow you to edit your photos and apply filters. If you have Photoshop, then you’ll still be able to connect Filter Forge with Photoshop to quickly edit photos without having to go back and forth between the apps.

#6 – A Massive Community Of Users

Filter Forge is a plugin that has been around for over 10 years. It has developed quite a loyal following of users, including some big brands such as Adobe, SEGA, A&B Game Studios, and more.

Filter Forge also has its own community for its users as well. These users continuously support the software by sharing their own creations of filters made with Filter Forge and helping add new features to the plugin. This ensures the plugin lives on for many years to come.

These are some examples submitted to the Filter Forge Gallery:



#7 – Choose From Different Versions

No matter if you’re an individual designer looking to have fun with filters, a professional photographer, or a big design agency looking to improve their workflow, Filter Forge has solutions for all.


Filter Forge comes in several different editions to match different types of users starting with Basic Edition to a quarterly subscription-based license plan.

#8 – Get Attractive Discounts

Filter Forge comes with such amazing features that make it worth an investment. But, its’ price can be a little expensive for an individual to afford.

Which is why the developers behind Filter Forge often, QUITE often, give special discounts for new customers to grab the software at an affordable price. These discounts often go up to 80%.

If you still haven’t got a copy of Filter Forge, now is your time to get this great Photoshop plugin at an unbelievable discounted price.