71 Free Photoshop Actions to Make Photography Fun

Experimentation. That’s what it’s all about for photographers, or any artist really. And free Photoshop actions can allow you the freedom to do just that.

Photoshop has amazing potential to achieve daring new results with your images. It’s easy to give your photo a retro vintage look, or create interesting light effects, or add an extra touch of vibrancy to the color.

The possibilities are truly endless.

And if you can find great Photoshop actions for free, it gives you the freedom to try them all out without any risk. You can play with them and have fun, without worrying about their practicality or whether they are worth the money.

But of course, it can be difficult to find free Photoshop actions that will work for you. Some can be unwieldy to use, putting an annoying detour in your smooth workflow. Others may not be compatible with your software or file format of choice.

Presently PhotoWhoa is offering a freebie on a set of 4 collections of Photoshop actions.

Could these be the answer to your ongoing quest to achieve creative freedom?

Let’s take a look at the collections included in this deal.

18 Free Vintage Photoshop Actions

The sweetly nostalgic look of vintage photography is becoming increasingly popular, and with good reason.

Those sepia tones, that slightly faded lighting, give any scene from a city street to a lonely oak tree the romantic look of years gone by.

This set of 18 vintage Photoshop actions provides an excellent training ground for experimenting with that vintage look.

These are great fun to play with, and addictively easy to use. You’ll find yourself trying out that vintage look on everything, from professional portraits to your family photo album.

And after trying these out for a while, you will almost certainly want to make them a permanent part of your repertoire.

8 Free Portrait Photoshop Actions

Depending on your editing tools, portraits can be the most fun you’ve ever had…or the most laborious task ever accomplished.

A well-executed portrait may become a snapshot of a special moment to be cherished forever.

That’s why you feel the pressure to get it just right.

This set of 8 PhotoShop actions for portraits takes a lot of that pressure off, and brings back the fun.

They are magically easy to use, and give you a nice variety of effects to try.

You can use them to make a portrait more intense and vibrant, or to create an understated effect in sepia or black-and-white.

30 Free Photoshop Actions for Family Portraits

If individual portraits make you feel pressured, that’s nothing in comparison to portraits of families.

These are the images that will live on in family history, capturing those fleeting yet crucial childhood memories.

Much as we think families are adorable, it’s a challenge to capture them at their best. Children are unpredictable, and are not always in the mood to show their best face to the camera. Sometimes a lot of editing is necessary to smooth out the rough spots and preserve the best features of a family memory.

This set of free Photoshop actions makes that all-important task far easier and more enjoyable.

15 Free Photoshop Actions From Symufa

If you want to experiment with some more dramatic effects, this collection may be just what you’re looking for.

This set of 15 actions was created as a kind of “starter pack” to introduce you to some of the best effects that Symufa has to offer.

The effects range from almost invisible subtlety to in-your-face dramatic brilliance.

There’s a lot of variety here, so whether you’re into understated retro or bold color, you’re sure to find something you love.

It’s a terrific opportunity to try Symufa on for size without making any commitment.

Who knows? You may love them so much that this becomes the beginning of an incredible journey.

The Ultimate Collection of Free Photoshop Actions

This deal comprises a total of 71 effects, all of which can be downloaded and used immediately after purchase.

With so much variety and such ease of use, you’ll feel like a kid in a candy store. The only tough decision will be which effect to try first.

Basically, every free Photoshop action you’ve ever wanted to try is included here.

So let the fun begin!