5 camera hacks and tips in 95 Seconds you should try

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In this video, talented photographer Pierre T. Lambert shows 5 ingenious photo hacks in just 95 seconds.

It’s not easy to be creative every day and little hacks will certainly help you try something new and different with your camera. Of course, imagination is always your limit, but you can always use some help.

Pierre has been using some of these tricks for years (like the lamp under the cocktail glass & reflector) with his clients. It’s not always easy to carry big pro gear when traveling so it is a good habit to be creative with little things that are easy to carry.

Tricks found in this video:

#1: The phone dark reflection (a classic but works really well for people if you can find some cool background lights to reflect a nice bokeh in the glare)

#2: The phone light: turn it on and place it under a cocktail glass or any transparent surface you want to lit up. I’ve literally used that one to create a cool cocktail shot that is still being used by bars!

#3: the fairy lights. Super famous but we tend to forget it! Awesome for portrait even more at night! Super romantic for couple shoots 🙂

#4: CD, using a CD reflect the light to create a rainbow. Useful for trends… but also for party/night event photography.

#5: Aluminum foil reflector combined with a hanger. Works amazingly when you can’t afford to carry a big reflector. For example when you travel. In my case, I can’t carry a reflector around the world so whenever I need a nice portrait this is my go-to!

Bonus: for people who do video. Using the scarf to hold the lens and the sling makes a 3-way sling which works great to have smooth motion.

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