25 images you won’t believe aren’t photoshopped


When you read or hear somewhere that an image has been “Photoshopped” it usually means that it has been altered in a way that it isn’t considered a photograph anymore, and it becomes a photorealistic composition or a heavily retouched image.

That differs a lot from the concept of post-processing, which is a way to enhance or correct certain aspects of a photograph without altering the original composition and intention of the photographer when taking the shot. The following images certainly have some post-processing corrections applied, but, believe it or not, are not altered, or “photoshopped” in any way.

Ontake Shrine covered in ashes after a volcaninc eruption

Source: Reddit

Central Park, Manhattan aerial view

© Kayte Dolmatch

Celebration in North Korea

©Ilya Pitalev

Aerial photo of a beach

© Bernhard Lang

Cherry blossoms in Park Lake, Tokyo

© Danilo Dungo

Aerial winter photo

© Bernhard Lang

Aerial summer photo

© Bernhard Lang

Aerial frozen lake photo

© Bernhard Lang

Shed in Lapland

© Pierre Destribats

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

© Derek Low

Blizzard Snow Storm in NYC

© Michele Palazzo

Night at Deadveli

© Beth McCarley

Sand invades Kolmanskop house

© Nick Lefebvre

Namib Desert Sea

© Nick Lefebvre

Beautiful ice formations created by freezing fog

© Marko Korošec

Ice formations

© Marko Korošec

Foggy day

© Marko Korošec

Shark shaped flock formation

© 진철 김

Geometry in architecture, Iran

© Bertrand Kulik

Colorful architecture, Iran

© Bertrand Kulik

A bright blue swimming pool stands out amid murky floodwater

© Thomas Peter

Perfectly aligned studio shot

© Bela Borsodi

Toxic residue leaves mark on trees

© Palíndromo Mészaros

Man feeding swans in the snow

© Marcin Ryczek

Sculpture scenery made with books

© Alicia Martín