150 Epic Location Photo Sets

150 striking location sets, at your fingertips for every photo enthusiast, photographer, graphic artist, and more. This is the most comprehensive compilation you will ever find. No need to travel the world for stunning location shots – we’ve done the work for you!

Hidden gems, iconic monuments, urban visuals. quaint farmlands, winding country roads, and lush majestic landscapes, all from the US and around the world and in high resolution.

Virtually every image photographed at precise angles leaving enough foreground space to seamlessly drop in your subject.

Sneak peak into the collection...

Cut-out your object and subjects and put them into stunning locations

Samples From 150 Epic Location Sets

Your location sets are organized by location or type.

Africa Safari | America Route 6 | America Wilde West | America Scenic | Europe Scenic | Stairways and Arches | Urban Chic

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