1000+ Awesome Text Overlays to Make Your Photos Look Wow


Imagine if you had Photoshop overlay packs which can enable you to make many overlays of your choosing,

Isn’t that a great feeling to be able to that in a blink of an eye by just a few clicks ?

It may seem unbelievable, doesn’t it? The use of overlays is essential in Photoshop since it will enable a wide range of options that can easily enable one to be able to metamorphose your pictures into perfect invitations or adverts.

Some of the overlays may be tedious to work with hence birthing the idea that they are time-consuming, since at times the packs may not be adequate enough to pass the message intended.

Life presents many memories, some good, some bad, but the key lesson is that skills should always be improved with time this requires a lot of divine guidance and a lot of creative intuition. This will lead to a multitude of passion that will stir the need to heed to the guidance and it will lead to great results.


Guidance Around Various Important Packs

With the above inspiration, the inadequacy of the collections cannot hold you to meet your need to make each moment perfect. One purchase unlocks a vast collection of overlays that you can use to excavate more into many possibilities.


This bundle of 1000+ Text Photoshop Overlays can be used to create amazing images that can be used in many ways. Holidays, Social Media Posts Quotes, etc. It is advisable to venture into a specific area so as to become the expert who will be referred to every time due to the impeccable images that you will have made. Great enthusiasm will lead your pictures to be in demand all over due to the works you will have produced.

Photography can be done as a hobby or as a profession this overlays will catapult you into professional prowess and they will give a new vibe to your projects.

An Awesome Collection of Overlays

There should be no fuss when you want to choose an overlay, you can never find the exact perfect overlay! All the perfect overlays are just at your fingertips.

These packs are divided into various categories as illustrated below:

  • Christmas (50 Overlays): Fragrant and dulcet pictures for Christmas invitations, so as to make your Christmas remarkable.
  • Summer (30 Overlays): Capturing and sending break greetings is now very easy.
  • Wedding (50 Overlays): Gives you a chance to make amazing images that the newlyweds will remember and love for years to come.
  • Holiday (50 Overlays): Get holiday memories and make them always easy to remember.
  • 4th of July (30 Overlays): Vividly capture the awesome parades, tremendous fireworks and all the amazing acts in your pictures.
  • Newborn (50 Overlays): Make one of a kind announcements’ and capture pretty pictures of your cute newborn.
  • Birthday (55 Overlays): Make every birthday perfect and the juiciness it fits whether old or new.
  • Winter (50 Overlays): Take amazing details and aspects of nature like snow on rocks.
  • New Year (50 Overlays): The perfect way to make the beginning of the year is with beautiful images with beautiful quotes.
  • Halloween (85 Overlays): Most peoples’ favorite holiday, what other better way to capture the scary images that will be memorable.
  • Valentine’s Day (52 Overlays): The month of lovers, capture the romantic images of your favorite lovers.
  • Maternity (50 Overlays): Deliver new and special meaning to pregnancy announcements.
  • Graduation (50 Overlays): The most special day in your education life, give it the best capture to make it one of a lifetime.
  • Easter (50 Overlays): Fragile colors of Easter can be easily mimicked.
  • Social Media (30 Overlays): Be the center of attraction and give breathtaking posts for Instagram and Facebook.
  • Back to School (30 Overlays): First school day always marks a great event each time.
  • Thanks, giving (31 Overlays): Make your tanks giving more epic and fashionable pictures to make the day remarkable.
  • Friendship (50 Overlaps): Make merry on bonds that will last forever.
  • Invitation (50 Overlays): Make your invitations the type that everybody will want to get.
  • Memorial Day (20 Overlays): The people who gave their lives to the country should be remembered with genius, this overlay enables you to do that.

Don’t Look at Other Photoshop Overlays Pack

If you purchase this amazing collection of overlays you will save a lot of time and costs. Everything you need is in these packs, every occasion and every season. With the variety in these packs, you will be able to attract and keep a good customer base.

Make the best decision you have ever made and purchase it today only at PhotoWhoa, it will be the best decision you have made in your photography endeavors’ and even profession.

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