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Hero images are beautifully designed over-sized images, in many cases photographs, that are prominently positioned at the top of the homepage of any given site. This has been a popular trend in web design for the last year or so.

The Envato Blog has collected 20 high-resolution mockup templates packs that will allow you to quickly create your own professional hero images for your site in no time.

The key element to an effective hero image is the photography. Now, not everybody is a professional photographer, so to make things easier for you, I have collected 20 high-resolution mockup template packs that will allow you to quickly and easily create your own professional hero images for your own site.

All of the templates are in PSD format and the only work you will have to do, is add in your persona or business branding, a product image with a tagline, or you could even just use them as is.

Hero Headers for Photo Bloggers – 12 Mockups


Hipster Scene Mockups – 2 Mockups


myOS Device Mockups – 20 Mockups


Art Equipment Mockups – 17 Mockups


Art Equipments Scene Generator – 27 Mockups


Tablet Hero Header Mockups – 6 Mockups


Header Image Mockups – 9 Mockups


Phone 6 and Tablet Mockups – 12 Mockups


Sketchbook Mockups – 8 Mockups


Food Hero Header Mockups – 2 Mockups


Hand Drawn Sketch Mockups – 12 Mockups


Bread Header Mockups – 25 Mockups


Phone 6 Mockups – 10 Mockups


Realistic Desk Mockups – 3 Mockups


Realistic Desk Mockups Vol.2 – 3 Mockups


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