10 little-known Photoshop features you should really learn

The real beauty in Photoshop is that even it is a high-end professional software, you can simply open an image and quickly apply effects or corrections to achieve beautiful results.  But that can only take you so far. And I don’t mean you should go and learn complex curves manipulation or channel mixing techniques. Those are difficult indeed!

There are a lot of cool hidden (and not so) features that aren’t nearly as advanced as those mentioned before. You’ve probably heard of stuff like Puppet warp, Color Lookup Tables and Smart Objects, to mention a few, but never bothered to investigate what you could do with those.

Thankfully, Nathaniel Dodson has been lately dissecting Photoshop into a number of short videos. I handpicked a few interesting ones so now you have no Excuse for not becoming a better Photoshop Artist!

1. Automate Cropping & Straightening Photos

2. Color Lookup Tables

3. Background Eraser Tool

4. Customize the toolbar

5. Puppet Warp

6. Statistics and Stack Modes

7. Advanced Smart Objects

8. Viewing Modes and Hot Keys

9. Fade Feature

10. Lens Correction