10 Grunge, Rusty and Dirty Tileable Textures

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This is a collection of ten 1000×1000 pixels seamless textures. These textures were created using Filter Forge plugin. And they are free. Yes, FREE.

Filter Forge is an amazing new Photoshop plugin that lets you create your own filters (Standard and Advanced editions) or to run already created ones (Basic edition) from a gallery of more than 2500 user submitted filters. You can read a tutorial I wrote about creating a rocks textures using Filter Forge, to learn more about this plugin.

You can also download a 30 days fully functional demo version of Filter Forge and try it yourself. Or you can download any of these ten huge 1000×1000 grunge, rusty and dirty textures.

Grunge, rusty and dirty seamless textures

These are smaller resolution samples of the textures.
The final size of each texture is quite larger than these ones. And they are tileable!

Floor Metal Plate Texture

Credits for these textures

These textures were created by the following Filter Forge users: Metal_grunge by lords8n  |  Wall Metal Plate 01, Techno lights, Floor Metal Plate 02, Wall Distressed Section 01 and Flower wallpaper by angelboiii  | 
Old Parchment by Crapadilla  |  Warning Stripes by MichaelTannock  |  Diamond Plate by Mike Blackney  |  100 year old Tugboat by Bongo51

Download a Fully Functional 30 Day Demo of Filter Forge


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